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The Best Oculus games

image: Person playing Oculus

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Oculus Games

As we all know Virtual Reality is becoming famous these days and one of the most used virtual reality headsets includes Oculus. Today, we will talk about the fantastic games you can play on Oculus right now. So, Without wasting more time we will dive right in.


Image Credit: SUPERHOT Team

This game is so popular in the past few years because of its fighting, shooting, and fun factor. In this game, you will have different missions and if you are still then the game freezes but when you move the world inside the game come to its life. In this game, you will use different types of weapons to knock out your enemies. Overall, it’s so fun to play this game.

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2 )  The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

image: The walking dead
Image Credit: Sky dance Interactive

If you like to play horror and survival games then you will love this game. Walking dead has realistic physics with beautiful combat gameplay. We recommend playing this game if you are a horror game lover.

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3 ) Beat Saber

Image: Beat Saber
Image Credit: Beat Games

Beat Saber is a most loving game because when you slice through the blocks the beat goes and there are so many tracks which makes it more entertaining you will never get bored because of this game.

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4 )  Half-Life: Alyx

Image: Half Life
Image Credit: Valve

If you are half life fan then this game is the best game for you. Half life is a perfect mixture of Story, Visuals and intense gameplay. This game is so popular right now in between Virtual reality fans and this hype is real. We also recommend this game by giving it a shot and you will not regret it.

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5 ) Onward

Image: Onward
Image Credit: Downpour Interactive

This First Person Shooting game gives you the real adrenaline of how you felt in the Warzone. This game has realistic physics in its weapons too. This is the only type of game that gives you real combat feel right now in the market. We recommend this game to people who like fps games.

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6 ) Eleven Table Tennis

If you are thinking that table tennis in Vr is not that much fun then you are wrong. This game gives you close to the exact feel we get from the table tennis. And, that is why this game is so much fun.

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7 ) Blade and Sorcery VR

Image Credit: WarpFrog

In Vr games right now this is the best game you can play as a warrior. This game has good physics and adrenaline is real which this game gives you. If you like to play with swords and other weapons in the old-style ways this is the game for you.

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8 ) The Room VR: A Dark Matter

Image Credit: Fireproof Games

For puzzle game lovers this is the only game on this list. This game follows the investigation of a mystery which is the disappearance of an Egyptologist. Overall, this game is so much fun because of its visuals and puzzle story.

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