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Best games for IPad Right Now

image: Game on Ipad

Everything you need to know about the best games for Ipad

Everyone loves gaming and the fun we get from video games but some times it becomes hard to find good games on the App store or Play store. Today, we created a list for gamers so that without wasting time on finding games they can enjoy their time.

Shooting Games/ Battle Royal Games

If you are a person who likes to play shooting games then this portion of the list is for you.


image: Pubg Mobile

PUBG becomes very famous among gamers in the past 3 years because of its unique shooting game feel. If you like to play games with intense fights, strategy, and fun then this game is for you. This game is available on all platforms.

2 ) Call of Duty Mobile

image: Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has different modes of gameplay you can play Tdm, Death matches, gun games, and much more. If you like fast pace games then we hope you will like this game. 

3 ) Free fire

image: Free fire game

Free fire is a very popular game in the past 2 years because this game is playable on low-end devices too. This game is a fun little game. If you like surviving in the warzone then this game will not disappoint you.

4 ) Call of Duty Warzone

image: Call of Duty

Call of Duty Warzone is a Computer game but after a couple of years, this game is now coming on Ipad or Mobile platforms. We hope this game will be so much fun on mobile too because on Computer this game is one of the best battle royal games.

Racing Games

1 ) Asphalt 9

image: Asphalt 9 game

Asphalt 9 Legends is one of the best games right now in the market because of its graphics and fun factor. We recommend this game a lot.

2 ) CSR 2 Drag Racing

image: CSR 2

CSR 2 is a drag racing game in which you will build your drag-built car and then race it against other bosses or in multiplayer against other people’s car. This game is a fun little game and if you are a car lover you will love it.

3 ) Traffic Rider

image: traffic rider

This game is purely for Sports Bike lovers and we think this is the best game for Bike riding in the whole App store or Play Store. Traffic Rider is a fun game for sure.

Fighting Games

Shadow Fight 2,3 and 4

image: Shadow fight

Shadow Fight 2,3 and 4 is a game in which you will fight with each other in the old-style ways there are no guns or anything just real swords and killing weapons. This game is pure nostalgia for fighting game lovers.

Games for Girls

1 ) Fashion Show: Makeup, Dress Up

image: Fashion game for girls

The fashion show game is a game in which you have to create your character as beautifully as possible. This game is a fun game for people who like to test their designing skills in makeup and dress.

2 ) Girl Games: Unicorn Cooking

image: Girl game

If you love cooking then this game is made for you. You can create your dream-style cakes by using colorful creams and much more. Overall we recommend this game.

3 ) It Girl – Fashion Celebrity &

image: It girl fashion celebrity

Create your character and then compete in the fashion celebrity competition and try to get the best positions. This game is for creative people who love to dress their characters beautifully.

Popular Best Games For Ipad







7 ) Genshin Impact – Lantern Rite

8 ) Gardenscapes

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