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Pc vs Laptop: Which is Better for you?

Everything You Need to Know About Pc vs Laptop

As we know, when we plan of buying a computer system there is a great debate about which is better to buy a laptop or a Pc. So, Don’t worry if you are in the market for computer systems right now we will assure you by the end of this article you will be able to clearly make your decision about what to buy.

So, Without wasting your precious time we will dive right in to this Topic.

Pros of Owing a Pc/Desktop

Image: Desktop Picture (pc vs laptop )

First of all we will talk about Desktop as we all know Pc means personal Computer and for using this type of Computer we need Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard and some other small things.

1 ) Performance

Pc gives you better performance than Laptops and for comparison if you buy a 600$ Laptop and at the same time you bought a 600$ Pc. You can feel the performance difference between these systems. In simple words, Pc gives you more performance on a low budget. Because usually, Processors in Desktop comes with higher clock rate than a laptop. You can checkout the list of best processors for performance.

2 ) Gaming as Compared to the laptop

As we above talk about the performance of a Pc we know for gaming we always suggest Pc to people. The main reason for suggesting this is that Pcs are cheaper to build than a laptop. You can also do gaming on a Laptop but for that, you have to spend much more money as compared to a Pc.

3 ) Upgradability

The main pro of buying a pc is its upgradability factor. You can upgrade your pc by upgrading its graphic card, Ram, Storage, Motherboards, and even processors. As we all know when you upgrade something on your computer you can also increase its performance depending on the parts.

4 ) Cheaper to Build

The Pricing of a Desktop depends on the person who is building a Pc because you are paying for parts that you want to put in your computer. That’s why you can build your pc cheap if you want to and still gets decent performance.

Disadvantages of Owing a Pc/Desktop

1 ) Mobility

The major disadvantage of owning a Pc is its mobility. For example, if you are going on some trip you can’t be able to move your Desktop with you. Because of its size and weight.

2 ) External Parts

When you are buying a Desktop you have to separately buy every single thing like a monitor, mouse, Keyboard, and sometimes some adapters too. On the other hand in a Laptop, comes with everything you need to run your computer.

3 ) Size and Weight

The weight and size of the Desktop is the only thing that makes it difficult for so many people not to buy a Pc.

Pros of Owing a Laptop

Image: Laptop

1 ) Mobility

Image: Laptop ( Pc vs laptop )

If you are a College student then Laptop is the best bang for your buck because you have to travel every day we recommend buying a laptop just buy a good laptop you can check out the best laptops which are in the market right now.

Mobility is the major advantage of a laptop because you can carry your laptop anywhere in the world because of its size.

2 ) Slim and Light Weight

Image: Weight scale ( Pc vs laptop )

3 ) Less Power and Less Space

Image: Less power

Laptops always consume less power because of their smart components and laptops take less space in a working space which makes a laptop a better working computer for a daily normal work.

Disadvantages of Owing a Laptop

1 ) Upgradability Factor

Laptops are not that upgradable as compared to Desktops. You can’t be able to upgrade a Graphic card on a laptop with a little bit of work. You can just upgrade Ram or some storage in a laptop.

2 ) Less Performance as Compared to a Desktop

Basically, most laptops are built for office work and they do a decent job handling daily tasks. But if you overload a laptop with some games then most laptops drop their performance giving you fewer frames per second in games and if you are using some type of editing software laptops drops performance easily as compared to a Desktop.

3 ) Expensive to Buy

When you need a laptop with good system requirements you have to spend a good amount of money to buy a pretty decent laptop. Pricing of laptops is high especially for a laptop that are good in performance.

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