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Best Free Online Vpns to Use

image: Vpn

Everything You Need to Know about free online vpns

Note: All Vpns that we are listing are free and this post is not sponsored by them.

As we all know VPns play a major role in our society and many VPns are now not free and some which are free don’t work pretty well. So, Today we created a short list of the best free online VPns which you can use to hide your identity.

Without wasting your precious time we will dive right in.

Top Best Free Online Vpns

1 ) Proton VPN

Image: Proton VPn

The free version of Proton Vpn is available on almost all platforms which includes Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and much more. This VPN is fully free but it also comes with a paid version. If you are a normal person who just wants to hide his identity and nothing crazy then this VPN is best for you but don’t expect too much high speed because remember its a free version but if you like this free version of this VPN then we recommend you to upgrade to the paid version. Proton VPN has so many different servers with no limit of data but the only drawback is the speed.

Link to Proton VPN

How to Download Proton VPN free version

First, you have to create an account than just press the free version of Proton VPN and select the platform on which you are downloading in my case (Windows) and press download and Enjoy!

2 ) Windscribe

Image: Windscribe Vpn

Windscribeis a good VPN that gives you access to 10 servers which are in different locations and 10 GB of data to use per month. It is fully free to use you can use this VPN anytime with just one click. It has a good User interface which is easy to use. We recommend this VPN to people who want to use VPN. It is also available on all platforms.

Link to Windscribe

How to Download Windscribe

Just follow the above-given link and click on Download select your format that’s it and you are good to go.

3 ) Tunnel Bear

Image: Tunnel bear Vpn

Tunnel bear is a VPN that you can use for free too but the major drawback of this Tool is that this tool gives you limited data to use which is right now 2 GB which is quite low if you are watching movies and other stuff but for a little bit of browsing this is a way to go.

Link to Tunnel Bear

How to Download Tunnel bear

If You follow the link above you will go to the page then press get Tunner Bear and choose to Try for free one and it will start downloading. Enjoy TunnelBear!

Is VPN Safe to Use?

As we know all VPNs are not equal so you have to use a reputable VPN to protect your privacy for that Yes, VPNs are safe to use.

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