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Which is better AMD or Intel

Battle of Two Legends

AMD or Intel makes high quality processors, graphic cards, motherboards and so much more computer related accessories. Our priority is to make things short and concise so that user saves their precious time without spending hours on different websites.

Who makes better Processors related to Gaming?

As we know both processors are so good but here are the best things about each of these processors.

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Core Performance

Intel makes processors which perform so well as compared to AMD processors during single-core performance But if we talk about Multi-core processing AMD is the winner.

Overclocking and Power Consumption

Intel Provides more overclocking than AMD processors. If we talk about Power Consumption then AMD is a Winner, AMD processors consume less power than Intel processors.


Both of these, Companies provide a great architecture to these processors so they are equal from an Architecture perspective.

Which is better for Video Editing and Content Creator

If you are a content creator who loves to use Video editing software then Intel is the best bang for your buck. So, in content creation, Intel is the clear Winner. AMD processors provide more threads than Intel Processors in most cases.


If we talk about Security than AMD provides more security because it contains fewer vulnerabilities in its product as compared to Intel.

Which Processor Heats more?

Intel processors heat up quickly if u overclock them as compared to the AMD processors. So, Intel processors have some more heating issues than AMD.

Overall Conclusion

So, As we know both companies make great devices it completely depends on your budget and needs. But overall we recommend Intel Processors more than AMD just because of their more Positive points but it did not mean that AMD processors are bad both of these processors perform so well in their category.

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Popular Questions Related to this Topic

Here are some of the popular question related to Intel vs AMD

What’s the difference between AMD or Intel?

Intel processors are cheaper on the lower range but expensive on the higher range as compared to the AMD Processors.

Which Processor is more Reliable?

Both processors are extremely reliable but if we have to choose then Intel Processors have less reliability issues then the AMD which makes Intel more reliable.

Which Laptop is better Intel processor or the AMD?

If you planning to buy a laptop which you are going to use daily then Intel is the way to go. But, AMD provides good graphics related performance as compared to Intel. Check out our list of Best gaming Laptop Under 600$ in the market.

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