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What’s 720p resolution?

Everything we need to Know about 720p resolution

image: 720p

Before we talk about what’s 720p resolution is we need to understand what is resolution?

What is Resolution?

Resolution is simply the number of pixels which are on the screen. The more resolution we have the more we see the image clearly and sharply. For example, if we have a 720p resolution then the quality will be better than 480p, but the quality is poor than 1080p. In simple words the higher the resolutions the more premium the quality.

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What’s 720p Resolution?

Now, we know what is the meaning of resolution and when its better.

So, 720p resolution means that we have a standard HD display quality. In 720p we have 1280×720 pixels which are equivalent to 921,600 pixels on the screen. The aspect ratio in 720p is 16×9.

Is 720p a good quality?

image: 720p resolution

The short answer is Yes, Today in this world most companies broadcast at 720p. This provides their users to see sharp and quality videos and images. 720p looks great on most displays.

Can you identify 720p and 1080p?

There is not so much noticeable difference between 720p and 1080p. The reason is 720p is HD and it gives clear quality. But, if you notice the display then you can identify the difference between these two.

How many difference of Pixels in between 720p and 1080p?

As we know, 720p has 1280×720 pixels which are equal to 921,600. But 1080p has 1920×1080 pixels which are equivalent to 2073,600 pixels. If we subtract these two values we will 1152,000 which means that there is almost 50% pixels more in 1080p resolution. So, there is a major difference in pixels in between these two.

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