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Is it Safe to Get Your Apple Watch Wet?

Everything you need to know before taking the step

image: apple watch in water

Is your Apple watch safe in water so the short answer is Not completely. Apple offers different models of watches and each model is completely water resistant to some level. Even the older models are water-resistant to moisture. So, just make sure that at what level your model of watch is capable of submerging in water and you are good to go. And, For your safety we write down the levels, each model is capable of. In rain, these watches are good to go but the problem happens when we submerged these watches in water. So, it depends on your model, to Get Your Apple Watch Wet.

Note: Apple does not claim your warranty on water damage. If you are planning to buy an Apple product and want to know how much each model of watch is water resistant up to some level. You are in the right place.


1) Apple Watch 1, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition

image : apple watch1 ,Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch 1, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition comes with very minimal water resistance. So, if you have any of these watches and you are planning to submerge these watches then it’s not a good idea. Most probably they will not work after exposure to water if you do not dry water quickly from them.

2) Apple watch 2,3,4,5,6 and 7

image; Apple watch 2 to 7

These watches are water resistant up to 50 meters. So, If you have these watches you can do swimming, wash the car, and much more water-related stuff. But, keep in mind that, the 2, 3, and 4 models will be now 40 meters because of their wear and tear with time.

3) Apple watch SE and Apple watch SE 2

image: Apple watch se and se2

Apple watch SE and Apple watch SE 2 are also water resistant up to 50 meters. But these are much more efficient in resistance to water. So, if you have this watch you can do whatever you want you can also submerge this watch into the water and these watches will not take damage. So, Its completely safe to Get Your Apple Watch Wet.

4) Apple watch 8

Apple Watch 8 also comes with up to 50 meters of water resistance. The newer the technology the better the quality of a product. This watch contains so many new features our the older ones. This watch has no problem facing water-related stuff. So, it’s safe for the Apple watch 8 to get wet.

5) Apple watch Ultra

image: Apple watch ultra

Apple Watch Ultra comes with up to a shocking 100 meters of water resistance. This watch is perfect for some divers. Apple Watch Ultra is packed with so many good features including a diving sensor, the temperature of the water, undersea GPS tracking, and diver’s logbook. This apple watch is so much fun for divers and it is worth every penny.

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