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Is Computer Engineering worth it in 2023?

Image: Is Computer Engineering worth it?

Everything You Need to Know About Computer Engineering or Is Computer Engineering worth it?

Note: Before directly diving into the final question is computer engineering worth it? You have to know about the basics of this course and what are the salaries computer engineers get so that it will become easy for you to decide whether or not you have to go for it or not.

What do Computer Engineers do? 

The major thing computer engineer do is to develop and research more computer systems, routers, circuits, and boards. Computer engineers study both hardware and software but their main focus is on hardware.

What Computer Engineers study more ( Hardware or Software )

As a computer engineer who is done with his degree in the USA. Computer Engineers study more hardware almost 70% of the syllabus of their degree is all about hardware and the rest 30% is about Software. So, Computer engineers study more hardware courses in their degree.

Average Salary of a Computer Engineer in the USA

The average salary of a computer engineer is about $130,109 and the starting salary is about $98,000. This does not mean that you will get this amount exactly these are some estimations collected throughout the internet. Your salary highly depends on your skills and your negotiations.

Is Computer Engineering worth as a major?

After all the basics covered regarding this topic now we can dive into our main question. If you are a person who likes to do both hardware and software. But, your main focus is on hardware stuff which includes circuits and boards. So, that’s the perfect major for you but if you don’t like hardware then we don’t recommend you do computer engineering because it contains more hardware courses. But you can still do it. Yes, computer engineering is worth it because if we look into the computer science major the field is so competitive these days everyone who likes computers is going into that field which makes that field so much more competitive.

Image: is computer engineering worth it

So, Without any doubt, I can clearly say that, Yes computer engineering is completely worth it as a major and as a computer engineer I highly suggest people go in that field.



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